TERMINE:    FR. 23. und  Sa. 24. OKT. 2020

ZEITEN:       Fr.:  10:00 - 18:00

                   Sa.: 10:00 - 18:00  

KOSTEN:     110€ 1 Tag, 190€ 2 Tage

WO:            Seelingstraße Berlin Charlottenburg

Family and Systemic Constellations are a wonderful method, founded by a renowned therapist Bert Hellinger, that reveals hidden family patterns that might be holding us back in life.

When those unconscious beliefs and convictions see finally the light, we can let go of guilt, insecurities, illnesses, relationship issues and start choosing what is truly fulfilling to us and move into the life we really want to live.

Out of the need of belonging a child would do anything for the love of a parent.

Bringing this patterns into consciousness gifts us with great inner strength and a deep inner relaxation.

 The Workshop will take place in Berlin Charlottenburg, it will be in English, with possibility to have German translation.

 It will be led by Deva Daniela Spagnoli:
Founder of Centro Equilibrium, Lecco, Italy.
As a passionate and experienced Holistic Counselor, Deva facilitates Family and Systemic Constellations workshops, meditation sessions, EFT, TAI, DeepDive, personal and spiritual growth,women and couples' circles.

Deva is also an experienced nutritionist and Traditional Chinese medicine consultant with specialization in intolerances and detoxification.

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