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WHEN:      Wednesday 14th of September

               Wednesday 28th of September

               Wednesday 12th of October

TIME:        19:00 - 21:00     

PLACE:      Seelingstraße Berlin Charlottenburg

Constellations are a powerful tool to shed light on pain and trauma in (family)systems and can lead to a deep understanding of interrelated mechanisms of response and triggers within ourselves and when relating to others.

Making the inner world visible and watchable through representatives bears the opportunity to gain new perspectives and discover and unveil blockages as well as unknown (or misunderstood) potential and resources.


It is a beautiful way to heal and integrate aspects of our selves and our family systems, as well as any other system we are a part of or participating in.


Feel welcome to join if you are interested in and/or curious about Constellations and are open for offering your presence as a Representative for the person receiving a constellation.


If you have any questions and/or would like to constellate with me please send me an email or call me to speak about your topic and to schedule a date for your constellation.

The next dates for our meetings are: 

Wednesday 14th of September

Wednesday 28th of September

Wednesday 12th of October

To register as a participant and for interest in a constellation please send me an email to

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