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Lizenziert vom Bundesverband Mediation BM

Change has been a part of my life and my career(s). 

As a Projektmanager and Eventmanager I was able to live in change while at the same time focusing and realising projects in very different areas, ranging from corporate events to cultural projects, both for organisations and individuals.


A desire to leave the city and being driven and inspired by self development and the idea of living in community, while at the same time offering this experience to others, led me to co-founding DIMA Mallorca, A Centre for Conscious Living on Mallorca in 2014. 


Apart from starting, running and managing DIMA, the centre of this work was with the many, many different people that came in their different roles as guests, facilitators, volunteers or participants. 


In 2016 I began my training as a mediator at IK Berlin which brought much clarity and inspired me to use my knowledge and experience while combining my skills and my passion. I have been working as a mediator since. 


With the goal of sharing the knowledge and techniques as well as the experience of learning in a group, I certified as trainer and offer workshops and trainings in mediation and communication.


Life brought me back to my hometown Berlin in 2017 where I live and work. 



You can find thoughts of mine on different themes and emotions in the the Cal Reiet Blog for which I write every other month.  

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