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Is what you do and how you do it aligned with your own sense of Self and dignity?

The goal in my coaching is to support you in your alignment. 

I will encourage you to listen to and to trust your Self more and I will point out where this may not be the case. 

In this one on one session we will turn towards inner conflicts.

Conflicting parts of our Self can cause confusion, frustration and generally cost a lot of energy. We have a tendency to rely on one part of our Self that works and yet often feel, that a part of us is missing. 

Ignored parts of the Self may make themselves heard in unpleasant ways. It can feel like a boycott when things that usually worked fine, all of a sudden seem impossible. 

Getting in touch with all the parts of our Self can feel overwhelming as they all have different needs, which is why we tend to neglect them for as long as we can. 

Together we will listen and connect to all of You, we will mediate the conflicts by listening and through asking questions. We will gain a deep understanding of fear, desires and needs.

By digging up the hidden parts, we will access the potential they carry for You. 


Clarity and Truth will arise. You will feel a sense of empowerment, deeply rooted in self love and self care. 

With this you will be able to negotiate with ease, accept and deal with conflicts in your life, relate honestly and authentically and inspire others to do the same. 

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