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Mediation is an opportunity to prevent, address and solve conflicts while at the same time gaining important insight into your own patterns of behaviour when dealing with others.


Mediation is a simple and effective way, to invest into your relationships, may they be private or in business and to benefit from long term effect making them more honest and authentic.

The process offers a space in which the idea of right and wrong is put aside to take a closer look at motives, interests and emotions. The intention is to gain understanding, to rebuild trust and allow constructive solutions to surface.

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Rather sooner than later.

As soon as your thoughts and actions are compromised and communication is disturbed or has become impossible, mediation is effective.

Mediation is effective as a prevention when anticipating difficult situations or acute when a conflict has been brewing for some time or is already escalated.

Preventive as soon as you no longer feel free in expressing your wishes or needs in fear of conflict.

Acute when already living in conflict and adaptation in order to avoid escalation and/or when already living with the stress of escalated, open conflict. 

If it is not possible to leave or if you would like to stay, mediation offers support in addressing issues and in investing into sustainable, healthy interpersonal relationships. 

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